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My name is Avery Lynch, and prior to helping PI Attorneys, I built and ran one of the most successful marketing agencies in the home-improvement & solar space. We managed over $2 million in ad spend per month and attributed over a billion dollars in sales for our clients.

At the beginning of 2023, we began working with PI Attorneys to replicate the same success.

Since 2023 we’ve helped our clients sign thousands of MVA cases & create websites with SEO strategies that drive conversion and market dominance.

Online advertising to help you grow your firm is really simple, not easy. If marketers told you the truth about this they’d have to actually work for your money.

And they’d rather keep you in the dark.

The truth is ads that get attention get results, and SEO strategies require more than just 2 blog posts a month.

And unfortunately for you, both of those require marketers to show up for work.

Don’t get taken advantage of with that nonsense.

Over the next few years as AI gets more heavily involved in the decision-making and more regulation enters the online advertising space you are only going to have a harder and harder time achieving success with your current system.

So, as advertising partners of yours and your 25-year-old internal marketing manager continue to use outdated tactics…

My clients will eat up your market share.

I’d like for that to not be your story.

In fact, I’d like to give you complete control of the amount of new cases you bring on for your firm. Enabling you to spend time working on the things in your business where you have a greater impact.

So that you, just like the photo of my family and me above in Peru, can make more moments like that.

Stress-free, on a beach in a foreign country, with people you care about, all the while your firm’s growth is automated and taken care of back at home.

Let’s make it a reality!

Signed MVA Cases in California for $1970 over 4 months